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Capital Health Washington Crossing – Primary Care, ıf you’re searching for a primary care doctor in the Washington Crossing area, look no further than Capital Health Primary Care. This medical practice is led by board certified physician Dr. Clare Gosek and offers services for adolescents and adults, ranging from preventive care to everyday medical issues. Capital Health Primary Care also specializes in medical care for women and older adults.

Dr. Clare Gosek is a family medicine physician

Capital Health Washington Crossing is a primary care facility staffed by board-certified physicians. These physicians offer a full spectrum of care, from routine checkups to advanced care, for adults and children alike. They are especially well-versed in women’s health and the needs of older adults.

In addition to offering primary care, Dr. Gosek also practices as a certified EKG specialist. She specializes in interpreting EKG tests and is affiliated with several local hospitals. She has been practicing medicine for eight years. She currently practices at the Capital Health Washington Crossing Primary Care facility and at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

Dr. Clare Gosek is a family medicine physician at Capital Health Washington Crossing. She spoke with Gina Gannon on the importance of preventative care. She explained how seeing your primary care physician throughout your life can help you live longer and prevent serious health issues.

If you have a health insurance plan, check with your provider to see if they accept it. If you do not, contact your insurance company directly to make sure your benefits are covered. Otherwise, you could end up paying more for a visit than you need to. For this reason, you should be very careful when checking out insurance plans for your medical care.

Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnert is a family medicine specialist

Capital Health Washington Crossing offers a full range of family medicine services to its patients. A board certified physician, Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnert specializes in treating adult patients and adolescents with comprehensive family health care. She provides preventive care and treatment for common illnesses as well as daily medical needs. She also specializes in treating women and older adults.

Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnert is a highly-rated family physician in Washington Crossing, PA. She is board certified in Family Practice and accepts multiple insurance plans. Interested patients should check with their insurance company to determine coverage and benefits.

Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnert is board certified and has extensive training in family medicine. She accepts Medicare and PECOS patients and is an eligible provider for Medicare services. Patients can contact her at the following locations for additional information.

Medicare is the most common insurance plan for medical services in Washington Crossing. Medicare requires a participating provider to accept an approved amount for services and a copayment amount of 80% or less for services. As such, Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnert accepts Medicare patients and will only bill Medicare patients for the approved amount. Patients with a Medicare Part D plan can get prescriptions for part D drugs from Dr. Lauren Carruth Mehnerl’s office.

Dr. Clare Gosek has a 5.0 star rating

Dr. Clare Gosek is a board certified physician who practices at Capital Health Washington Crossing. She provides services for both adults and adolescents that range from prevention to treatment of everyday ailments. In addition, she provides services for older adults and women.

The practice is located at 1240 General Washington Memorial Blvd. in Washington Crossing, PA. She accepts Medicare and is fluent in English. You can reach her by phone at (215) 266-5020. She may also accept your health insurance.

Dr. Clare Gosek has been practicing medicine for eight years. She is affiliated with several hospitals in the area. Her practice accepts Capital Health Medical Center-Hopewell and Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian. You should call her office to confirm that she accepts your insurance plan before your appointment. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

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