The RPI Health Portal

The RPI Health Portal is a comprehensive resource that provides a wide range of health news and information. The site is designed with an easy-to-use interface that provides a wealth of information in a simple to read format. You can learn about the latest health news, as well as tips and advice for your well-being.


The ConnectYourCare health portal is an online resource that provides free and secure access to health records. The portal includes detailed information on health issues and offers free STI testing. However, some students may need to visit a specialist off campus for diagnosis. Students can access the health portal using their RPI email account and login details.

Users of ConnectYourCare must be registered for the RPI Health Center to access this portal. The login information is provided on the RPI Health Center’s website. Once they log in, they can view and add patient records and personal information. The health portal also offers convenient patient management and access to personal information.

Student health service

The RPI health portal offers access to a student health service. This service offers a variety of services including health screenings and medical records. Students can access the portal with their RPI ID number and a password, or by using their own email account. A student who has an existing health insurance policy can access the portal by using the login details they received upon registration.

The student health service is dedicated to helping students achieve their optimal health. It offers comprehensive evidence-based practices to improve the overall health of the university community. It also teaches students how to be active participants in their health. Its initiatives aim to empower students to make positive health changes and reinforce existing knowledge.

Students can also utilize the Student Health Center, a nationally accredited health care facility. This facility offers primary care to all full-time students. It also provides specialty consultation and referral services.

Student health insurance plan

If you are looking to enroll for a student health insurance plan on RPI’s health portal, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find important stats and details. The Student Health Center is a nationally accredited facility that provides ambulatory outpatient health care for students. Before you enroll, make sure you have the proper immunizations.

If you’re not a student from the Capital Region, you may still be able to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan through the Health Portal. To sign up, visit the Student Online Health Portal and complete the enrollment form. The form must be submitted between September and February 1.

Student health portal

Access the ConnectYourCare health portal to manage your health records online. You’ll need your RPI email address and password to login and access your health information. You can also view your health reports from the convenience of your mobile phone. This system makes it simple to manage your health care. To get started, click “Login” at the bottom of the page.

Once you have an account, you’ll need to fill out a few forms. You’ll need a parent or guardian to fill out the first page, and the student’s physician should fill out the second page. The portal also has pre-entrance medical forms that you must complete before you can register for classes. If you don’t complete these forms, you may have medical holds put on your account, which could prevent you from receiving your grades and from registering for spring classes.

You can also access information about the RPI Student Health Center. The RPI Student Health Center is nationally accredited and provides outpatient ambulatory health care. You must have pre-entrance immunizations to gain access to the health center.

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